Free local (Greater Van) delivery or pickup from Little Earth on The Drive

Coming soon to Commercial Drive...

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photo by: Jessica Jacobson for her Porch Portrait Project. April 2020

What it's going to be like inside:

Family Focused:

  • space for kids of all ages to play while their grown-ups relax...think Lego, foosball, classic board games, a play kitchen & more!

  • insightful, meaningful workshops & support groups for grown-ups as well as kids

  • easy access, high chairs and a well-stocked changing table


  • we’ll be serving the very best of what our ridiculously talented local food entrepreneurs have to offer, available to sit-in or take-out from the Café or as part of your grocery run from the Corner Store

  • tasty heat-at-home dinner options

  • licensed (because we can all use a glass of wine after an arduous day at the playground)

Sensory Friendly:

  • a quiet corner, away from the hustle & bustle of the rest of the café

  • the space will be well insulated & ventilated

  • a quiet coffee machine & un-clangy dishware

  • no ticking clocks or dripping taps

  • we’ll happily take requests for amendments!


We can't wait to welcome you!