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It's all about this guy...

…and by extension, his mom. That’s me, Susan.

It’s just him and me and now it’s all of you, too!

All of us.

That was the whole point of starting Seb’s. 

When I became a full-time single mom in the early months of 2019, life got flipped and everything changed (not unlike the early months of 2020, right?) and I found myself suddenly needing to find new ways to support my little family. That first year was intensely difficult for us both but when I got our heads above water at the end of that summer, I realised that what helped us break the surface really and truly was our community. Over and over and over again, everyone around us met us where we were, supported us where we needed it and cheered us on the entire time. I was employed by the most understanding and outstanding women, who were running beautiful businesses on and around The Drive (still are!) and I decided that I not only wanted to give back to the community that saved us, I wanted to join the ranks of the women who make our community what it really is.


Fast forward to Fall 2020 and here we all are, grinding it out and making it happen even through a global pandemic and I have watched my city, my neighbourhood, my people rise above hardships that no one ever imagined would ever need to be overcome. Seb's having his best year yet at school I’ve been spending the pandemic downtime putting together the dream that I’m hoping will bring us all that little bit closer together, even if only online for the time being.

Seb was born and is being raised on The Drive, this is his stomping ground and soon his name will be above a door here that represents openness, inclusion, belonging and every warm and welcoming feeling that comes along with stepping into a space that wants you to be there, that knows who you are and why you walked in in the first place.

We all belong here, thank you for helping us feel that.

   We love you, neighbours!  

Sebastian & Susan